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Why was there a vivid orange glow over Wolverhampton at the weekend?

A vivid orange glow seen across the sky in Wolverhampton has sparked debate on social media.

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Orange glow.

Dozens of people posted photos and made comments about the orange glow, which could be seen in the city throughout Saturday night and into Sunday morning, with the light effect seen as far away as Pattingham on the Shropshire border.

Photos of the glowing effect show the different colours in the sky, from a yellowy colour in one photo to a very striking orange, similar to a fire, in another.

Justin Dytor caught this image of Molineux on Saturday night with the pitch heaters in operation. Photo: Justin Dytor

On the Images of Wolverhampton City Facebook page, there was a discussion between followers of the page about what had caused the glowing effect.

Some people claimed it had been the result of the pitch heaters at Molineux glowing brighter that usual, while another person said it must have come from Dunstall Park during a racing meeting.

Other people said they thought it had been due to dust in the air, which could prompt an oncoming storm, or moonlight behind clouds plus pollution. which created the effect, or even a large fire which had lit up the night sky.

Justin Dytor said: "The Molineux Artificial sun, (making the grass grow) reflects off the golden seats onto the low clouds."