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Wolverhampton nights out ranked among the UK's cheapest this Christmas – but do shoppers agree?

Wolverhampton has been named as one of the cheapest destinations for a festive night out this year - we asked the people of the city what they think.

Love birds Dean and Wendy Flavell spend most holidays in the city centre between visiting family

Analysis by the financial group Moneyboat puts Wolverhampton city centre among the cheapest festive nights out this year.

So with this in mind, the Express & Star headed to the city centre to ask Wolverhampton shoppers their thoughts and whether they'll be coming back to the city centre to celebrate the holidays.

Moneyboat assessed a number of city centres across the UK, analysing factors including the number of events taking place to the average cost of drinks, food, hotels and taxis.

Cheerful chap, Simeon Browne, said he thinks the city centre is a great place for a night out

Simeon Brown, from Wolverhampton, said: "It's a good place to be, it's exciting and you meet new people and have new experiences.