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'Blast from the past' as Covid lockdown message reappears by Wolverhampton road by mistake

Wolverhampton residents managed to see the funny side when Covid warnings reappeared on electronic billboards alongside one of the city's busies roads.

The sign on the Wolverhampton Ring Road, reading "No Visitors to Your Home or Garden (Unless they are in your support bubble)"

The sign, which warns "no visitors to your home or garden", appeared on electronic billboards along the Wolverhampton Ring Road on Friday.

The sign was originally used to warn of social-distancing measures during the Covid-19 pandemic and was confirmed by the council to be the result of a glitch in the system which was in "the process of being fixed".

A spokesperson for Wolverhampton Council said on Friday: "I can confirm that this is a glitch, and is in the process of being fixed."

While the archive messaging left some momentarily concerned, others took the chance to joke about the issue with one resident saying it was "a blast from the past".

Anne-Marie Taylor, 35, of Wolverhampton, said: "When I saw the sign I was a bit worried, I thought I had missed something.

"But I remember the sign from the first lockdown so I guessed it was a glitch really. It was a real blast from the past though I'll give you that."

John Taylor, 38, of Wolverhampton, added: "We thought it had to be a glitch or something. We thought it was quite funny really, we had a bit of a flashback moment."