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Beverley Knight 'immensely annoyed' at the state of Wolverhampton city centre

Singing star Beverley Knight has admitted the state of Wolverhampton city centre "immensely annoys" her.

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Beverley Knight

Now a West End success and living in London, the singer revealed she believes the city centre is a shadow of its former self.

Ms Knight was appearing on the Kath Stanczyzn Show on Radio WM when she made her revelation, after being asked: "What really annoys you?"

She said: "When I get to Wolverhampton city centre, it doesn't look like a city centre. I look at Birmingham, Manchester and even Telford and they have a proper city centre.

"It breaks my heart. We have already lost so much made us what we are, the heavy industry, like Goodyear, and now to look at the High Street and Dudley Street, I don't know what it is. I think come on, come on, let's get it galvanised.

"It annoys me immensely."

Ms Knight also lamented the loss of department store Beatties which was "a real destination".

However, despite her disappointment the singer - who has just released her latest album, The Fifth Chapter - says Wolverhampton will always hold a special place in her heart.

She said: "Wolverhampton is home, it always will be home. I was born in New Cross Hospital, grew up there, went to school there. Whereas London is an address where I live, there is only ever one home, and that's Wolverhampton.

"Wolverhampton is important to me, it is precious, it is special. I will talk about Wolverhampton because people need know in this corner of the world there is things going on.

"Wolverhampton is part of my self identity. I come back as often as I can, I like being around normal people who speak normally.

"My perfect day in the Black Country would include walking around my favourite park, Bantock Park, and a trip to Dudley's Black Country Museum."

Ms Knight still harbours dreams of moving back to the Black Country but she cannot convince her husband.

"I'd love to move back to Wolverhampton, but my husband does not feel the same. But I am chipping away."

She also praised Goldie for being a visionary artist and chose Inner City Life as her favourite song from the West Midlands. Ms Knight and the former graffiti artist performed the track at the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.