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Hundreds flock to Tettenhall Pool - despite warning signs saying 'do not enter'

Hundreds have flocked to a loved pool that was refilled just in time for the summer – despite the no swimming warning signs.

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Tettenhall Pool. Wolverhampton.

For some, the reopening of Tettenhall Pool, on Wergs Road is the true sign of summer, but despite warning signs saying the pool is closed, hundreds still decided to take a dip.

The signs, posted around the gates of the pool, as well as on the notice board, warned the potential swimmers not to enter the pool, but many decided to flout this warning in favour of cooling off in the cold water.

Damon Stafford, 36, of Tettenhall, said: "The pool is great, it's really hot out and it's a free place to bring my kids and to be outdoors, I mean we saw the signs but it doesn't say why it's closed.

"We saw that the council said not to enter the pool because the water was being tested, but it's just water isn't it, how bad can it be."

Emma Leneveu from Woodside, Telford, enjoying the sunshine at Tettenhall Pool with sons Leo, six, and Kristian, 13

When the pool was refilled in 2021, councils advised residents to hold fire on entering the water when the pool opened so that they could have time to test the water to make sure it was safe, but again many decided to take a plunge to deal with heat.

Melissa Howard, 55, of Tettenhall, said: "We saw the signs but yeah, it's not going to hurt anyone really is it, we have been through Covid after all, we just want to enjoy the sun now.

"I don't see why the council would have opened the pool if they didn't know the water was okay, and it's only water really."

For many the reward seemed to outweigh the risk of swimming the ever-popular pool, with the potential for a free day out to enjoy the weather looking more and more attractive as the temperatures spike.

Crowds visited throughout Saturday

Karen Allbright, 46, of Wolverhampton, said: "The pool is fantastic in this weather, it's a great place to bring the kids, especially since it's free.

"It's nice that there is stuff like this around where you don't need to pay any money to use, times are tough and it's getting harder to be able to afford nice things for the kids to do in the summer holidays, the pool is going to be great for that."

In the meantime, it seems that hundreds of residents are content with swimming in the pool against the council's advice, with many choosing to enjoy the sunny day.

Wolverhampton Council has been approached for comment.