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Next stage of plans to demolish and replace 93 Wolverhampton prefabs under way

The next stage in a programme which will see 93 prefabs knocked down and replaced is under way.

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Aerial image showing the area where the prefabs are to be demolished

Residents will now be consulted on what their housing needs are as the plans move ahead.

The council-owned prefabs in the Lincoln Green estate in Bushbury, which date back to 1946, were the first homes identified to be replaced as part of a multi-million-pound regeneration programme by Wolverhampton Council.

Following initial consultations, the council is currently undertaking the second phase of "bespoke tenant engagement" to understand the housing needs of those affected.

Residents of the community were divided on the work when the Express & Star visited the estate back in July.

Nearly 100 prefabs are to be demolished and replaced by 'better homes' in Wolverhampton

Many residents stated they enjoyed living in their properties and rubbished claims they were outdated while others understood the need for the work and were looking forward to a "fresh start".

A Wolverhampton Council spokesperson said: "The initial round of resident engagement for those living in prefab properties (Tarran bungalows) was completed in August 2022.

"Wolverhampton Homes is currently undertaking a second phase of bespoke tenant engagement to understand individual housing needs and requirements.

"The intention of the initial engagement was to inform residents of the regeneration proposals aimed at addressing the poor quality, low energy performing prefab condition and to gather individual household information."

The spokesperson also says the next stage will seek approval for the procurement of a contractor responsible for the demolition of the properties and other aspects of the programme.

"The next stage is to seek Cabinet Resources Panel approval to procure a contractor who will be responsible for the demolition of the properties, re-design of the estate and construction of the new quality affordable homes to meet the needs of the community, who will continually be involved, particularly during the design stage.

"The redevelopment will be in a phased approach as tenants are supported to be temporarily moved to make way for the new build properties.

"Once a suitable contractor is appointed, a full programme will be developed and shared with residents of each estate."

Dates for the work are yet to be decided, however, it has previously been stated work is hoped to start in 2023.

Prefabs were a major part of the delivery plan to address the United Kingdom's post–Second World War housing shortage.

They were envisaged by war-time prime minister Winston Churchill in March 1944, and legally outlined in the Housing Act 1944.