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Watch Wolverhampton couple get engaged after flash mob proposal in city centre

When a woman was asked to take a photo of two people in Wolverhampton city centre on Saturday, she thought nothing of it.

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Parvinder getting down on one knee, to the surprise of his partner, Sharon.

But it was the start of a dazzling surprise that led to her boyfriend asking her to marry him at the end of a flash mob routine.

Sharon Kaur believed she was just out with her partner and children for the day when two strangers asked if she could take a photo of them in Queen Square.

They then launched into a dance routine and were joined by their fellow Bhangra dancers as a flash mob broke out.

Nothing dawned on Sharon until her partner, Parvinder Singh Rakhra, decided to join in with the dancers - and knew every single move.

The photo that sparked the whole routine

Sharon, 38, said: "I thought we'd come in for a meal! When they started dancing I thought, oh this is different, and then Parv said 'should I, should I?'.

"When he started doing all the dance moves, I was like 'what is he doing, how does he know that, what is going on?'.

The flash mob gets started

"Then all the family members start popping up and the penny kind of dropped. I was a bit taken back.

"But he did really well! I had no idea. No clue."

Parvinder (centre) joined in with the flash mob whom he had secretly enrolled into his proposal plan.

Parvinder then approached Sharon's daughter, Ria Kaur, who had been hiding the sparkling engagement ring in her bag.

The prospective groom took Sharon into the middle of the flash mob and got down on one knee, surrounded by his fellow dancers.

Parvinder popped the question and an emotional Sharon said yes.

Parvinder joins in with the dancing in Queen Square.

Talking about the proposal, 37-year-old Parvinder said: "I saw it on TikTok a few months ago, this flash mob, and thought that looked interesting.

"I was trying to find a group for ages until I found this group in Wolverhampton, Jodi Dancers, so they've been helping for the past two months.

Sharon Kaur watches her partner join in with the flash mob, still unaware that she is about to become engaged.

"I've been training for a month. We work at home together so when she finishes work, I've been waiting for her to go and telling her I've been going to the gym, but instead I've been practicing at home for five or six hours every day.

"She's a big TikTok star you see so she loves all this loud and proud stuff. We're both Leos, so we're both show-offs, we like to do things in the open so everyone can see us."

The newly engaged couple.

Parvinder is the director of an IT consultancy company and Sharon is a customer service advisor for Leicester Council.

They have five children between them, including Aryan Singh, Ria Kaur, Tanvi Kaur, and Aran Singh Rakhra.

The newly engaged Parvinder Singh Rakhra and Sharon Kaur in Queen Square.

The happy couple met on Bumble and have now been together for a year and a half. Tomorrow, they'll be jetting off to Cancun in Mexico where they can celebrate.

Sharon added: "I thought the proposal would be there, as we're having an Asian engagement on August 20. I didn't think it would be anything as wicked as this.

"This is the best surprise I've ever had in my whole life."