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Wolverhampton's new market buzzing with customers on first day of trading

Punters old and new flocked to Wolverhampton's £4.9 million market today as it opened to the public for the first time.

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Wolverhampton's new market opened for business on Tuesday

The new market was teeming with customers on its first day of business since the move from Market Square to opposite the Wulfrun Centre on Cleveland Street.

And, despite some controversy over the market's shipping-container entrance, there was a feel-good factor among both shoppers and stall owners, who were optimistic about their new surroundings.

WATCH: See inside the market on its first day of business

Market trader Munir Hasson, who sells a range of clothing, said: "It's really nice, it's spacious and light, really great.

"I was at the last location for about four to five years and I did like it there, but I think this one is just as good.

"I don't think that people will care too much about the entrance, it's getting busier and I'm confident it will continue to get busy."

An aerial view of the new market

Fruit and veg stall holder Richard Latham said: "It looks fantastic, it's much better. The old market looked tired and needed a refurb.

"It was a little stressful getting in today, but it's going well. It's too early to judge how busy it'll get, but I've already seen some new faces around here."

Richard's fruit and veg competition Julie Emery added: "We like it a lot, it's absolutely fabulous, much better than the old location and we have all the buses and transport links here.

"I like the new design, it's modern. Some people won't like it, probably the older generation, but I think it looks great."

GALLERY: Traders and customers happy with new market

Materials for sale
Munir Hassan and wife Nikki were among the smiling stall holders
Customers check out the items on offer.
Richard Latham was pleased to see some new faces
Julie Emery and her team are ready for their first day at the new market
There was no shortage of tomatoes
Robin Newby and his team enjoying the occasion
Neelu Kaur among the colourful clothes for sale
Earl Grant enjoying his first day of trading
Shoppers Ian and Barbara Wilde ready to browse
Customers check out the items on offer
The market was busy on its first day on Cleveland Street

Butcher Robin Newby from Codsall said: "It's a lot better here, we're more central and it's pushing trade.

"The place looks great, it's up to date but has a rustic feel.

"This morning was a little stressful and I was a bit nervous, but it's going well."

The entrance to the market is made out of three shipping containers

Taking in the bustling stalls and array of colours and smells, customers complimented the new market - but some were still sceptical about the entrance, which is made up of one large blue container resting on top of two others.

Neelu Kaur, aged 56 and from Wolverhampton, said: "It's nice, really beautiful and there's a lot of space. I don't like the entrance, I feel it spoils it and it looks dirty. Inside it's really nice and I'll be picking up my fruit and veg."

Sixty eight-year-old Barbara Wilde from Willenhall added: "It's definitely better than the old place, it's more modern. It's also much better with the transport nearby."

Angela Iguodala from Wolverhampton agreed about the positive transport links.

The 38-year-old said: "It's brilliant, absolutely lovely. It's easy to access and it's a great idea. It's spacious and easy for me to pick up my meats and vegetables."

Paul Jones, 43, from Wolverhampton, added: "It's great. The location is good, there's easy access to everything and it's much better than the old place.

"The entrance isn't great, it's a bit tacky, but otherwise I like what they've done here."