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Wolverhampton Mother and son celebrate New Year with weight loss

A mother and son from Wolverhampton are celebrating the New Year after losing five and a half stone between them.

Emma before and after.

Emma Bailey, aged 44, of Oxley and her son Jack, aged 13, joined Slimming World following a family holiday which took an embarrassing turn when she became stuck in a plastic chair.

While on holiday in Menorca, Emma was sitting in a plastic chair which had been a bit of a squeeze. As she tried to stand up again, the chair's arms became stuck on her hips and had to be prised off.

Emma, who works for Sainsbury's said: "I was mortified, I vowed I was going to do something about my weight as soon as I returned home.”

It was then that she searched out her local Slimming World group at The London Midland Railway Club based on Bushbury Lane, which she began attending every Tuesday.

She explained: “There was never any pressure on Jack to join Slimming World but as he was approaching senior school years he was conscious as well that he was bigger than the other children.”

Jack, who now attends Our Lady and St Chads Catholic Academy, also joined the slimming club last year. His weight loss saw him go from wearing a size 40in trousers when he was 12, to a 32in waist.

Jack before and after.

Jack's diet plan was part of 'Free2Go' plan for those aged 11 to 15. It is tailored to never put any pressure on the youngsters while encouraging them to make healthier swaps within their diet.

Speaking of their success, Emma said: "I didn’t know what to expect when I first joined but to be told we could still eat family favourites such as egg and chips, spaghetti bolognese and roast dinners, it sounded to good to be true.

"The biggest difference was that I was now cooking meals from scratch myself instead of buying ready made mash and processed pies or ordering regular takeaways.

"That first weigh in I was so nervous as I hadn’t been hungry at all, I doubted I could have lost any weight, I was ecstatic when I was told I had lost 6lbs."

Consultant Elaine Towsey said: “Jack is a shining star in group he has grown from such a quiet boy into such an confident young man who is so inspirational, making wonderful changes with his school meals, now opting for pasta salads instead of the option with chips, while still enjoying treats.”

Wolverhampton has the second highest rate of obesity in the country according to NHS figures with 13.5 per cent of children being obese.

Last year one in five primary school children aged 10 to 11 were found to be obese.