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Stafford Borough Council elections: Full list of candidates standing in this year's poll

More than 120 people will battle for a seat on Stafford Borough Council when voters head to the polls on May 4.

Elections are taking place across Stafford on May 4

All 40 seats on the authority are up for grabs in the elections, which will see several sitting councillors bidding to retain their place in the chamber. There are also a number of former councillors hoping to make a return.

Currently the Conservatives hold 20 seats on the borough council and Labour have 10. There is also eight Borough Independents, one Green Party member and an independent member.

The Tories will be contesting all 23 ward, while Labour have fielded candidates in all areas except Gnosall and Woodseaves.

The Green Party will battle for 20 wards and Stafford Borough Independents, the Lib Dems and Reform UK are also fielding candidates in a number of wards. There will also be a Free Speech and Liberty candidate in Highfields and Western Downs.

A number of current members are standing down. They include former leader Jack Kemp who was first elected 50 years ago, current cabinet member Mike Smith who joined in 2002 and Stafford town centre’s representative Chris Baron who has served 36 years on the authority.

The other councillors departing after the poll are Ray Sutherland, Andrew Harp, Peter Roycroft, Mark Green, Alexander Brown and Michael Holmes.

For the first time at these elections voters will need to show photo ID at polling stations under new Electoral Commission rules.

Current state of play: Conservative controlled administration – Cons 20; Lab 10; SBI 8; Indep 1; Green 1

Seats up for grabs: 60

*denotes party currently holding seat

Barlaston (one seat)

Karen Davies (Green)

Gareth Jones (Cons)*

Richard Sidley (Lab)

Baswich (two seats)

Timothy Boardman (Green)

Alison Carr (Lab)

Maria Davies (SBI)

Ann Edgeller (Cons)*

Kulwant Kang (Lab)

Marnie Phillips (Cons)*

Paul Woodhead (SBI)

Common (one seat)

Aidan Godfrey (Lab)*

Daniel Laidler (Green)

Peter Martin (Cons)

Coton (two seats)

Neil Glover (Cons)

Louise Nixon (Lab)*

Ant Reid (Labour)*

Michael Riley (Reform)

Steven Spennewyn (Reform)

Michael Spight (Green)

Paul Startin (Cons)

Doxey and Castletown (one seat)

James Brampton (Cons)

Isabella Davies (Indep)

Richard Duffy (Lab)

Tony Pearce (Green)*

Eleanor Tristram (Indep)

Eccleshall (two seats)

Gillian Douce (Green)

Kate Hanley (Lab)

Peter Jones (Cons)*

Sally Osborne-Town (Lab)

Jeremy Pert (Cons)*

Forebridge [one seat, currently held by Chris Baron (Indep)]

James Cantrill (Cons)

Robert Norman (Green)

Julian Thorley (Lab)

Fulford (two seats)

Lynne Bakker-Collier (Cons)*

Michael Dodson (Cons)*

Maria Moore (Lib Dem)

Charlie Nutt (Lab)

Alec Sandiford (Lib Dem)

Gnosall and Woodseaves (two seats)

Patrick Farrington (Cons)*

Richard Harris (Reform)

Susan Harris (Reform)

Scott Spencer (Green)

Dave Whittaker (Green)

Mark Winnington (Cons)*

Haywood and Hixon [two seats, one currently held by Brendan McKeown (Indep)]

Andy Cooper (Cons)*

Victoria Door (Green)

Brendan McKeown (SBI)

Julian Porter (Lab)

Highfields and Western Downs (two seats)

Roy Clarke (Cons)

Jake Mahal (Green)

Andy McNaughton (Lab)*

Dee McNaughton (Lab)*

Craig Morton (FSL)

Rosemary Musson (Green)

Barbara Riddle (Cons)

Holmcroft (two seats)

Bryan Cross (Cons)*

Frank James (Lab)

Mick Lupton (Lab)

Jonathan Moore (Green)

Jonathan Price (Cons)*

Littleworth (two seats)

Michael Bailey (Reform)

Martn Garbett (Reform)

Andrew Murray (Green)

Tony Nixon (Lab)*

Gillian Pardesi (Lab)*

Maria Redfern (Cons)

William Taylor (Cons)

Manor (two seats)

Robert Gwynn (Cons)

Anne Hobbs (Lab)*

Angela Loughran (Lab)*

Hayley Percival (Green)

Milford (one seat)

Katherine Dewey (Green)

Peter Edgeller (Cons)*

Nicholas Shaw (Lab)

Milwich (two seats)

Karine Aspin (Cons)*

Frances Beatty (Cons)*

Jim Davies (SBI)

Tom Harris (Green)

Paul McGee (Lab)

Susan McKeown (SBI)

Kathryn Williams (Lab)

Penkside (one seat)

Anthony Boucker (Cons)

Rosin Chambers (Green)

Fran Clark (Reform)

Ralph Cooke (Lab)*

Rowley (one seat)

Deborah Hawkes (Lab)

Doug Rouxel (Green)

Carolyn Trowbridge (Cons)*

Seighford and Church Eaton (two seats)

Emma Carter (Green)

Cathy Collier (Cons)*

Geoff Collier (Cons)*

Joe McCormick (Lab)

Jack Rose (Green)

St Michaels and Stonefield (three seats)

Simon Bell (Cons)

Ian Fordham (SBI)*

Adrian Harding (Cons)

Rob Kenney (SBI)*

Philip Leason (SBI)*

Mike Osborne-Town (Lab)

Duncan Sandbrook (Cons)

Swynnerton and Oulton (three seats)

Simon Capewell (Green)

Kerry Dawson (SBI)

Adrian Holmes (Lab)

Roy James (Cons)*

Philip Jones (Lib Dem)

Jason Metters (SBI)

James Nixon (Cons)*

Paul Warman (Lab)

Walton (two seats)

Jill Hood (SBI)*

Bill Lockwood (Lab)

Ivor Parry (Cons)

Jon Powell (SBI)*

Stephen Walker (Cons)

Weeping Cross and Wildwood (two seats)

Lianne Al-Khaldi (Cons)*

Jenny Barron (SBI)

Ray Barron (SBI)

Sarah Matthews (Green)

Julie Read (Lab)

Martin Sandbrook (Green)

Steph Travis (Cons)*

James Withington (Lab)


SBI – Stafford Borough Independents

FSL – Free Speech and Liberty

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