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Perton woman makes Harry Potter and Star Wars signs amid coronavirus

Colourful signs featuring a Star Wars and Harry Potter character have been placed in a garden to help lift people's spirits amid coronavirus.

Laura McClure and daughters Elana and Willow with the colourful signs.

Messages – held up by Baby Yoda and Dobby – urge people in Ennerdale Road, Perton, to stay home and be safe during the current outbreak.

The characters were made by Laura McClure, a Harry Potter fan, out of plywood and acrylic paint and cut out using a laser cutter.

The 33-year-old has two daughters – nine-year-old Elana and seven-year-old Willow – who "absolutely love" the designs.

She said: "I've got two kids and we absolutely love Harry Potter – well I love it, and I've made them love it.

"And Baby Yoda, everyone is obsessed with that at the moment.

"They are made out of ply-wood and acrylic paint and they've taken me hours and hours – Dobby took the longest, I was up until 1am some nights.

"My kids absolutely love it – Elana has been worried about Yoda being outside because she wants to keep him forever."

The mother-of-two, who runs wood engraving business Engraved By Heart, said the reaction to the three signs have been positive.

Laura McClure and daughters Elana and Willow with the colourful signs.

She said: "Engraved by Heart is a small business I can't run at the moment and I like being creative and artistic.

"Hopefully it'll put a smile on people's faces.

"Some people have looked puzzled at first but they will stop and smile. All my neighbours have been like 'oh my god, they're absolutely amazing' and it's all been positive.

"The girls and I have painted a massive rainbow and tried to make the garden nice.

"We're in a place where some people walk to go to the shops, which is essential, so hopefully I'm hoping people smile.

"We will probably stick more out there – it keeps us busy."

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