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Wedding day alpaca'd with memories for bride and groom

These alpacas were a surprising addition to the bridal party for guests at a wedding.

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Happy couple Sam and Emily McDonald had two alpacas among their wedding guests when they tied the knot

Sam and Emily McDonald, from Heath Hayes, decided to bring alpacas to their wedding at Somerford Hall in Brewood, after she first saw one on a family trip to Australia years ago.

The animals from Wildwood Alpacas in Albrighton even wore orange ties to match the bridal party on the big day on Saturday.

Peter Briggs, father of the bride, said Emily, a data manager at JLR, first saw an alpaca on a family trip to Australia and has loved them ever since.

Emily with Alfie the alpaca

He said: “We were on holiday in Australia and we went for a drive and came across a farm that had alpacas.

“There were loads in the back but just one on its own in a pen at the front and as we walked across we could hear it making a humming noise.

“Emily thought it was lonely but we later learned they make that noise when they’re happy, but she has loved them ever since.”

Emily and Sam met 11 years ago

Emily said: “We were looking for entertainment and we came across the alpacas.

“They’re from Albrighton, we just thought it’d be something a little bit different.

"We’ve taken a lot of photos with them but I don’t think they liked the train on my dress as they wouldn’t come too close.”

Kim, Emily’s mother, added: “It was a brilliant day, lovely weather, and they’re off to Australia for their honeymoon.”

The pair, both 29, met on their first day of university 11 years ago on September 13, but decided to get married the day after this year so the date didn’t land on Friday the 13th.

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