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WATCH: MP Michael Fabricant skates into Christmas on Lichfield's controversial ice rink

They say size doesn't matter - and that was the view of Lichfield's eccentric MP as he took to the ice in the city.

Lichfield Conservative MP Michael Fabricant.

The synthetic ice rink at Three Spires Shopping Centre - new for 2017 - has divided opinion with some shoppers criticising it for being too small while others have argued it is a great addition to the city's festive offerings.

Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant decided to try it for himself on Saturday and appeared to thoroughly enjoy himself as he skated with the shopping centre's manager, Lisa Prokopiou.

WATCH This MP try out new ice rink but got a frosty reception

Afterwards, he said: "Olympic size ice skating rink it wasn't, but it was good fund for the kids. They're loving it, they're enjoying it.

"And, you know, all it was meant to be was a special thank you for shopping in Lichfield and I think that is nice."

Shoppers who spend £20 anywhere in the centre can redeem their receipts and will have free ice skating sessions for two children aged six and over.

Alternatively, non-shoppers cost £3 for a 20 minute session and 30 people can safely skate on the 100 square metres ice rink at one time.

Asked whether the criticism of the rink had been fair, Mr Fabricant, added: "I think it depends on whether you were expecting an ice skating rink because it is a non-ice ice skating rink, and if you expect it to be Olympic size, well it isn't.

"But it is good fun for the kids and that is what it is all about. Anyway it is Christmas time."

It was not the first time the Tory MP - who recently appeared on Channel 4's Celebrity First Dates in aid of Stand up to Cancer - had taken to the ice.

Of his previous experience, he said: "I wasn't doing pirouettes and dancing, but I used to ice skate down in Brighton of all places.

"There used to be a skating rink there which has been long demolished. And I used to go whizzing around and doing really dramatic stops with sprays of ice and everything. But you can't do that here."

Ms Prokopiou, said: “It is a real honour to have Michael visit our skating rink. His support means so much to us and we’re thrilled he was able to have a go.

"Since it opened, I have received such a positive response from so many of our valued customers, who love that they have access to a wonderful festive activity.”

The rink is open from 1.30pm to 8.30pm every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday until December 23.