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Dad 'inch from death' as XL bully-type dog savages groin in unprovoked attack outside home

A man has been left with "substantial injuries" after a vicious attack by an XL bully-style dog.

Neil Inman was left needing urgent treatment following attack

Neil Inman, a father of two, was left with wounds to his groin area after being savaged outside his home on Friday, October 17.

The 55-year-old plasterer was carrying his shopping into his home in Belt Road, Hednesford, when the dog lunged at him, grabbing onto his groin area before being ripped off.

The attack led to Mr Inman being rushed to hospital, where he had to undergo urgent treatment before being put into a ward to watch for infection.

Neil was put on antibiotics to stem infections from the attack

Speaking to the Express & Star, Mr Inman recalled: "I was walking my shopping into the house and this dog that was being walked on the lead just lunged at me. It was completely unprovoked. It just came out of nowhere.

"As it grabbed me I pulled it off and I think that's what really did the damage. The damage it caused was really bad. I felt the blood running down the inside of my jeans. When I got into my flat I checked down there and you know, it was just hanging out, I just went into shock."

The attack left him needing urgent medical treatment, and surgeons said that had the wounds been any deeper, they most likely would have led to him bleeding out.

The attack left neil with severe injuries that nearly cost him his life

Mr Inman continued: "When the ambulance arrived I had my injuries wrapped in a towel. The two surgeons told me I was really lucky and that if it had been an inch across, it would have hit the main artery and I would have bled out. That honestly made it so emotional for me.

"It really just made me think of my family and it's completely changed my perspective. Psychologically it has kept me up at night thinking about it. It was my first time out of the house today and it's shocking how it has affected me. It really has."

Police attended the scene following the attack, where the dog, which police believe to be an XL bully had been contained. Staffordshire Police said it will be destroyed at the owner's request.