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Outrage as two deer left for dead on Cannock Chase by hit and run drivers

Two deer were left for dead by motorists who ran them over in Cannock Chase.

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Cannock Police dealing with another dder death

Cannock Police urged drivers to stop if they hit one of the deer which roam Cannock Chase.

Cannock Police tweeted: "Two deer have been hit on Cannock Chase today. Unfortunately neither motorist stopped or contacted the Police.This meant that the animals were left to unnecessarily suffer until the ranger arrived.

"If you hit a deer PLEASE stop and call the Police on 999 and pass your location."

Staffordshire resident Eddie Downard wants the motorists dealt with by the law.

He tweeted: "That's outrageous that they didn't stop pretty sure you are meant to report accidents with animals to the police, if so hopefully you will be able to track them down through insurance companies (if they had any) and deal with them appropriately."