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Full Cannock Chase Council election results with no clear majority

The Conservatives have lost their clear party majority at Cannock Chase District Council.

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The results are in at Cannock Chase District Council

The Staffordshire administration was controlled by the Conservatives going into the election; 21 seats were held by the Tories, with Labour having 12, the Liberal Democrats and Greens having two apiece while Chase Community Independents Group and independents both had one.

There were also two vacant seats which were four in two by-elections alongside the other 15 seats being contested for the first time since 2019.

The full results are: Conservatives with 18 seats, Labour at 17, Greens at 5 and Lib Dems with 1. We understand talks of a coalition may be under way.

Brereton and Ravenhill

Carl Boulton (Lab) 672 ELECTED

Melanie Frew (Cons) 306

Gerald Molineux (Lib Dem) 434

Cannock East (two seats, including one vacancy)

Arlette Carmichael (Green) 142

Melody Donnallie (Green) 142

Tony Johnson (Labour) 739 RE-ELECTED

Gary Millward (Cons) 408

Fred Prestwood (Lab) 622

Cannock North

Paul Carnell (Indep) 126

David Guy (Cons) 268

Richard Jenking (Green) 85

Paula Stanton (Lab) 642 ELECTED

Cannock South

Eloise Cropp (Green) 142

Jeff Hill (Lab) 651 ELECTED

David Hyden 81

Paul Snape (Cons) 537

Cannock West

Natalie Hill (Lab) 537

Val Jones (Cons) 976 RE-ELECTED

Maire Smith (Green) 182

Etching Hill and the Heath

Daniel Foceac (Lab) 470

Carl Harwatt (Green) 149

Mike Sutherland (Cons) 675 RE-ELECTED


Kenny Beardmore (Green) 51

Alan Dudson (Indep) 72

Julia Kenny (Cons) 164

David Williams (Lab) 488 ELECTED

Hawks Green

Dale Bilbie (Lab) 456

Adrienne Fitzgerald (Cons) 618 RE-ELECTED

David Green (Green) 146

Heath Hayes East and Wimblebury

Julie Aston (Lab) 547 ELECTED

Stuart Kennedy (Green) 104

Samantha Thompson (Cons) 507

Hednesford Green Heath

Mandy Dunnett (Lab) 598 ELECTED

Laura Harrison (Cons) 408

Ronald Turville (Indep) 106

Hednesford North

Darrell Mawle (Green) 464 RE-ELECTED

Arthur Roden (Indep) 107

Marie Taylor (Cons) 219

Paul Witton (Lab) 416

Hednesford South (two seats, including one vacancy)

Andrea Beach (Indep) 197

Liz Bishop (Green) 464 ELECTED

Mandi Boyer (Green) 388 ELECTED

Chris Harborow (Indep) 170

Bob Heighway (Lab) 319

Phil Hewitt (Cons) 353

Steven Thornley (Lab) 293

Norton Canes

Sean Butler (Indep) 106

Tim Clapham (Cons) 357

Stuart Crabtree (Green) 65

Josh Newbury (Lab) 1069 RE-ELECTED


Les Bullock (Lab) 135

Andrea Muckley (Green) 715 RE-ELECTED

Thomas Yaxley (Cons) 174

Western Springs

Warren Cocker (Green) 113

David Gaye (Lab) 615

Pam Owen (Cons) 656 ELECTED