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Cannock District Council consulting on new enforcement powers across departments

Cannock Chase District Council is consulting on new enforcement powers which will be used across various departments.

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Councillor Justin Johnson

The new policy will set out the standards and guidance applied by the council when acting in its role as regulator in a number of areas, including food safety, health and safety at work, licensing, environmental protection and environmental crime, housing standards and public health nuisances.

The council wants clear and consistent enforcement decisions, which takes account of national guidance and good practice.

This revised enforcement policy has been drafted in line with the Regulator’s Code and aims to ensure that any enforcement activity is fair, accountable, consistent, proportionate and transparent, makes effective use of resources through a risk-based approach and improves protection for the community and businesses

Councillor Adrienne Fitzgerald, the council's portfolio leader for housing, heritage and leisure said: "I am pleased to introduce Cannock Chase Council’s new Housing Standards Enforcement Policy for consultation. The council is committed to working with landlords to deliver a better, safer private rented housing sector, ensuring everyone lives in a safe and suitable home. Fair and effective enforcement aims to protect the health, safety and interests of tenants, landlords, the wider public and businesses.”

Councillor Justin Johnson, porfolio leader for environment and climate change said: "This latest revision to our enforcement policy will ensure our approach is fair and transparent. We will always try to work with those we regulate to achieve compliance, but where it does become necessary to take enforcement action, the policy will ensure a proportionate approach is taken.

“We want to know what you think about the new policy before we adopt it."

The revised enforcement policy can be viewed at

Send any comments to or you can write to Environmental Health, Cannock Chase Council, Beecroft Road, Cannock WS11 1BG

The consultation closes at 5pm on Friday, May 5.