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Concerned parents relaunch campaign to improve pedestrian safety at busy junction

A group of concerned parents have relaunched a campaign to improve safety for pedestrians crossing a busy road junction.

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From left, Councillor Andrew Tromans with community campaigners and Oldswinford residents Matt Broad and Paul Hebron

Currently there is no pedestrian crossing at Oldswinford Cross where the Hagley Road meets the top of Glasshouse Hill and Heath Lane in Stourbridge.

The campaigners are calling on Dudley Council to review the crossing and consider improvements to help protect both pedestrians and motorists.

They say in the last four months there have been at least two serious accidents resulting in injured motorists requiring emergency hospital treatment.

In 2019 residents launched a similar campaign which led to the installation of a pedestrian refuge on Health Lane, near to the junction of Corser Street.

As a result of the campaign a report was produced for Dudley Council, however it has never been released.

The campaigners are now calling for the report to be shared with them, as well as asking for a new review of the crossing and potential traffic calming measures on Glasshouse Hill and Heath Lane.

An online petition has been launched which already has been backed by more than 200 people.

Councillor Andrew Tromans, who represents the Stourbridge Town and Wollaston ward, alongside residents Sarah Marley, Matt Broad and Paul Hebron are regular users of the crossing, and parents with children under two.

Councillor Tromans said: “We believe that this site lacks sufficient safety measures to prevent pedestrian and vehicular collisions.

"Given that this crossing is used by hundreds of school children and college students every day, this is a matter that we believe needs to be solved as a matter of urgency."

Mr Broad said: “This crossing is used by a considerable number of pedestrians each day including school children and the elderly.

"The lack of available crossing time puts pedestrians and other road users in danger every day and more needs to be done to address this.

"Our concern is that additional measures haven’t reduced the occurrences of serious incidents, with two crashes in the last few months causing serious disruption to the busy junction.

"We believe Dudley Council should carry out further due diligence to rectify the issues at The Cross.”

Mr Hebron added: “I have no choice but to use this crossing daily, often with a pushchair.

"There is absolutely no protection for pedestrians, and it is very difficult to know where vehicles are going to come from next.

"I hope something can be done to improve the situation before someone is seriously hurt.”

Residents can support the campaign by signing the petition at

Dudley Council has been contacted for comment.