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'I couldn't believe what I was seeing!' Lucky escape for gardener almost hit by gigantic tree branch

A pensioner had a narrow escape after a falling tree branch landed in his garden while he was tidying it.

Raymond Edwards says he had a narrow escape when an overhanging branch fell into his garden

The 15ft-long branch came off a beech tree on a footpath neighbouring Raymond Edwards' home, in Queens Road, in Sedgley, at about 4.20pm on Monday.

It is the second time that a big overhanging branch has fallen into his property. His greenhouse was destroyed eight years ago when a 10ft branch came crashing down on its roof.

Now Mr Edwards is repeating calls for the trees lining the public right of way next to his garden to be lopped to avoid becoming a safety risk to the area's residents.

"I had been in the garden as normal and I was tidying up when I heard a 'whoosh' sound behind me. When I turned around I couldn't believe what I was seeing.