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More parakeets spotted in the Black Country as winter draws in

More wild ring-necked parakeets have been spotted in the Black Country as they prepare for winter.

Jenny Caddy sent in this picture showing a flock of the birds enjoying her bird feeder

Pictures have flown in again of the colourful cheeky ring-necked parakeets.

Eagle-eyed residents have reported seeing more of the birds towards the winter season, with more parakeets being spotted on our bird feeders as the weather gets colder.

In recent images, taken by residents from around the Black Country, the colourful birds can be seen tucking into bird feeders as they prepare for the winter months.

In one image, sent by Sedgley resident and councillor Shaun Keasey, two of the beautiful parrots can be seen perched on top of a bird feeder on High Park Crescent.

Councillor Keasey, said: "Not what you expect to see in the garden. It was quite a surprise."

This pair of cheeky ring-necked parakeets were spotted dipping into a bird feeder in High Park, Sedgley

The parakeets have reported been sighted in every Black Country borough, with plenty of the green birds to be seen in Wolverhampton's Bantock Park.

Wolverhampton resident, Lauren Woolams, sent in her beautiful picture of the birds near Finchfield, she said: "I live in Finchfield I'm only two streets from Bantock Park.

"This was the first time I have seen them."

This pretty birdie was seen having a spot of lunch in a garden near Bantock Park, Wolverhampton

While playful and friendly towards humans, the birds are notoriously opportunistic, and will often fight with other native species for food sources.

Daniel Munn, a surveyor of Oak Ecology, a wildlife surveyor, said: "The parakeets won't necessarily become more aggressive, but they would be out to compete with other birds.

"They shouldn't go out of their way to attack other species, but they will most likely beat them to the punch and are more likely to keep their territory over time."

The colourful birds will become more visible over the December period as their vivid green hue contrasts with the duller colours of winter.

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