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Tech-savvy Black Country musicians record charity Christmas single without ever sharing a rehearsal

A group of Black Country musicians are hoping to cause Mayhem in the Christmas charts this year – but there will be no mention of sausage rolls.

Mayhem in the studio at Black Country Radio with presenter Paul Collins. Picture: Black Country Radio

The group – called Mayhem – have released 'Christmas is Here Today.'

It is the brainchild of Netherton musician Andy Mac who has been around the music scene for a number of years.

He was singing along to some Christmas songs last year, only to be interrupted by his children, Macey and Lucas, who told him 'there’s nothing new about Christmas songs unless it’s about sausage rolls'.

They were referring to LadBaby, who had a Christmas number one on the subject of the culinary snack and a follow-up tune on the same theme.

Seeing it as a challenge, Andy took inspiration from his children, began thinking about all the things that make a Christmas song and started writing his own - with input from friend and guitarist Greg Freeman from Bilston and new recruit Nick Chalmers from Wolverhampton, who plays bass.

With a real Black Country feel, Quarry Bank karaoke fan Phoebe Louise sings lead vocals on the single, which is released today. The accompanying video made by Rick Lee from Sedgley became available yesterday, and both are available on download and video platforms.

The song was written between the five Christmas enthusiasts remotely, sending lyrics and videos to each other via WhatsApp, and the track was then recorded without the band members ever stepping foot into a rehearsal room together.

They were all joined by family members on the single, which they hope will sell well and also raise money for Dementia Awareness, with some of the money made going to that charity.

Andy said: "The name Mayhem came about because of the problems around all being able to get together to record a Christmas single at a particularly busy time of year.

"Luckily the way technology is overcomes having to be physically there all the time, although we did all know each other from music circles so it was good to get together when we did and hopefully we can play live together at some point.

"We have a good promoter and PR in Lucy at Styl-Us Music PR who has worked her socks off to get us radio coverage and put the song out there, so hopefully it will have done the trick and we hope people enjoy it and that we make some money for a good cause in Dementia Awareness."

The group have already appeared on Paul Collins's show on Black Country Radio and Brum Radio and are hoping to perform the single live before Christmas. It is available on Spotify and all download platforms, with the video on YouTube.