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The 'bostin' takeaway in a shipping container that provides daily twists on its menu

A good takeaway has someone who has the best interest of the customers at their heart and knows how to adapt to tastes.

Owner Kelsey Hutton said she was happy with the quality of life she had from the place

Some of the best takeaways around the region have friendly faces on arrival, good chat throughout and provide a wide selection at good prices.

The Bostin Fittle in Kingswinford is one of those places which caters for all cases and has become very popular for the quality of the food and the warmness of the welcome by owner Kelsey Hutton.

Set next to Brierley Hill Sheds & Fencing on Dawley Brook Road, the takeaway is set inside a former shipping container, with seating and tables set on the outside.

There's plenty of choice for customers visiting the takeaway

Ms Hutton says her father owned the business and gave her the space five years ago to set up her business, having decided to move away from being a chef elsewhere due to the hours.