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It's my first business and I love what I do says cafe owner

A good takeaway is one which builds its reputation on good service and great food - and makes the most of its surroundings.

Dino Koumides said it was the first business he had ever owned and he loved what he did

The Cabin Cafe in Kingswinford is one place which has developed a large following and a great reputation of both service and food and sees a constant flow of people visiting its location on Dawley Brook Road, located next to an industrial estate.

Just walking up to the cafe, which is set in an old metal storage container and has a table outside, you are instantly hit by the smells of frying bacon and sausage and boiling coffee and tea and left with a mouth watering in anticipation.

There has been a cafe on the site for more than 20 years, but the current owner Dino Koumides and his team have been the reason behind its current success, having run the cafe for seven years.

Mr Koumides said running a cafe hadn't been something he'd looked at doing previously, but after 20 years in the corporate world, decided to try something new.

All the food is locally sourced and of high quality

He said: "I'd never worked in the service industry before and had worked in the corporate world as a business development manager for 20-odd years for a number of different companies.

"What I found was that I was getting fed up of working for other people and decided I wanted to do something for myself, so I saw this place and I just thought 'why not?'