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Driven to distraction: Kingswinford roadworks from hell 'even worse' with new pedestrian crossings

It is the Black Country traffic black spot which is driving motorists around the bend.

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Large queues continually build up throughout the day

The aptly named Stallings Lane, in Kingswinford, has stationary traffic every day and will do for the foreseeable future. And now new pedestrian crossings are causing even longer delays.

A temporary four-way traffic light system is so unpopular that enraged motorists warn others on social media to "avoid the area totally".

After being stuck in traffic for almost an hour today, motorist Steve said: "It looks like new pedestrian crossings have made everything worse.

"The traffic is already backed up and now is even taking longer."

Dudley Council is undertaking highways work, which started in December and is due to finish in April.

Planning ahead, Simon Hickman asked on Facebook: "Does anyone know if there are still 4 way lights at Stallings Lane?"; which was like a red rage to a bull in the I'm From Kingswinford Facebook group, with many respondents turning the air blue with their frustration.

Large queues continually build up throughout the day

Gaz Hall replied: "Yes. They're a pain in the ****.. They take ages to change. You're better off going a different way."

Hayley Edwards added: "Lights lights lights absolutely everywhere you go."

No end in sight. Motorists are being driven to distraction

Though the current Stallings Lane roadworks are expected to be finished in April, Dudley Council warned residents and motorists to expect delays until at least October.

The council informed residents: "Work to upgrade traffic signals at three major junctions in Kingswinford is now underway.

"Motorists are warned to expect delays during the works, which will be in three phases."

The junction between Wolverhampton Road and Stallings Lane is seeing tailbacks as far as the eye can see

Phase one saw improvements to the junction of Cot Lane, Swindon Road, Lodge Lane and Summerhill, the second phase is what is causing consternation on Stallings Lane now, at junction of Moss Grove, Wolverhampton Street, Stallings Lane and Dudley Road.

Dudley Council added: "The third and final phase of work, to the junction of Moss Grove, High Street, Market Street and Summerhill, is expected to start in June next year and run until September.

"Manually-controlled temporary signals will be in place throughout to minimise disruption as much as possible. However, significant delays are expected during certain periods and motorists are asked to avoid the areas affected where possible."