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Internet firm promises further consultation with angry Kingswinford residents over new broadband roll out plans

Bosses from an internet company have promised 'more transparency' in their plans to roll out fibre-optic broadband in an area of Kingswinford after initially telling residents they were going to install new telecom poles.

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Brsk backed down after protests from residents of Ridgewood Avenue, Wollaston in August

Around 50 residents of Wharfedale Close, Lynwood Avenue and the surrounding area turned out at a meeting with representatives of Brsk at Kingswinford Community Centre last night to object to what they say is 'agressive marketing' by them

It included letters through residents' doors saying telecom poles were to be erected nearby, and leaflets on lampposts saying which properties they would be outside.

A petition has been signed by every resident in Wharfedale Close against the plans, which the company say are necessary due to copper technology becoming largely obsolete by 2025

Regional manager Laura Richardson who attended the meeting acknowledged the consultation process could have been done better and pledged to address the concerns of all residents, including making plans more transparent.