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Call for action to tackle danger driving after councillor catches speeders in the act in Halesowen

A firefighting councillor who says nearly half of vehicles he recently surveyed on a Halesowen road were speeding has demanded a clampdown in an attempt to save lives.

A speed device in Lansdowne Road, Halesowen

Halesowen North Councillor Stuart Henley has seen the catastrophic consequences of car crashes during his career with West Midlands Fire Service and is again trying to cut speeding in his ward.

He said: "I've once again reached out to authorities to take a proactive step to address the persistent issue of speeding within our ward and beyond. Speeding has been an ongoing concern, and it's time we take decisive action.

"Over the years, I've consistently advocated for more to be done to address this issue. As a resident, I witness and experience these problems first-hand, and I'm regularly contacted by many others who share their concerns.

"Moreover, as a firefighter, I've seen the devastating impact of speeding on families involved in road traffic collisions. The sadness and tragedy that result from these incidents are heart-wrenching."

Councillor Henley has undertaken his own painstaking research to find out which roads are the most dangerous.

He said: "I recently initiated surveys on specific roads in Halesowen North, and the results are alarming. One particular statistic stands out – almost 50 per cent of vehicles on Lansdowne Road are exceeding the speed limit and travelling 35mph-plus. This is a matter of grave concern, and it's essential that we all come together to combat this reckless behaviour.

"I've reached out to the council, the police, and our MP to take concrete measures against those who put lives at risk by speeding. My request includes the installation of speed cameras, increased police presence with speed guns, and regular deployment of a police speed van."

Councillor Henley believes action needs to happen now before another life is lost on local roads.

He said: "It's time for action, not just words. We cannot afford to wait for tragedy to strike before addressing this issue. Let's work together to make our streets safer for everyone. I hope that our concerns are taken seriously, as enough is enough.

"Speedwatch recently started in the area, we covered Narrow Lane, also Lansdowne. Drivers on these roads will have received a warning letter from the police. We will be carrying out speed-watch on other roads very soon."

The councillor urged residents to report all speeding issues to the police via 101 or online chat.