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Disqualified driver arrested after being stopped by police

A car driver has been arrested after being found to be disqualified during a police stop.

The driver of the Renault Clio was arrested after checks found him to be disqualified. Photo: Brierley Hill Police

Officers from Brierley Hill Police stopped a Renault Clio during a patrol after seeing the occupants acting suspiciously.

They when saw the driver making an attempt to jump into the passenger seat after stopping the cars and, following further checks, arrested the driver after they showed he was a disqualified driver.

The force said the driver had been charged, while the car has been seized.

A spokesman for Brierley Hill Police said: "Whilst on patrol, the occupants of this vehicle were seen acting suspiciously.

"When we stopped it, the driver made a poor attempt to jump into the passenger seat.

"Checks showed him to be disqualified, the driver has been arrested and charged. Vehicle seized."

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