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MP requests meeting with council over fly-tipping – claiming long term effects of immigration has led to run-down areas

Dudley North MP Marco Longhi has requested a meeting with council officers over issues with fly-tipping as he claimed long term effects of immigration has led to run-down areas.


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He attached two photos taken in the St Thomas's ward to his Facebook post yesterday, one of a woman cleaning the steps outside a home in the 1950s, and another photo showing Mr Longhi standing in exactly the same area surrounded by fly-tipped rubbish and overgrown weeds.

He said St Thomas’s ward was the most littered and fly-tipped area in Dudley, but that it was 'not always the case'.

He wrote that, contrary to the complaints he gets about the 'area going downhill', it is in fact the values, pride and way of life that has changed.

Then vs now

He said: "St. Thomas's ward is the most littered and fly-tipped area in Dudley. However, this was not always the case. A few decades ago, people in the area had pride in their local community. So, what has changed?

"A long term effect of immigration is the creation of parallel cultures and values at odds with our British Values. This has led to run-down areas where people have complete disregard of their local community and are living in conditions that you would not expect in modern Britain.

"To be clear: not all immigrants behave this way, and many have integrated into the British way of life, but clearly too many do - waste is fly-tipped and litter dropped again and again. Often people say to me "our area has gone downhill" but this is not true. The area is the same but the values, pride and way of life has changed.

"No matter how many times the Council clears some of these fly-tipped areas it is futile; too many local people don’t have basic respect for our area and do not integrate into our local community.

"I have written to Dudley Council for a meeting to discuss whether a targeted education and enforcement programme could be considered to try and solve the problem."

The majority of the comments agreed with his statement.

One read: "No interest in our country's way of life, no intention of integration. This does not apply to all immigrants as you state Marco, but we are slowly losing the English way of life as too many woke people are trying to remove our history. Sad."

Another comment read: "I completely agree with this Marco. People used to have pride in their area, but this is clearly not the case now.

"A prime example has been the charging of the green bins. The amount of people who have had the audacity to write on social media that they will be dumping their green waste rather than pay the fee or compost in their own backyard has been outrageous."

One person wrote: "I grew up on a council estate but the neighbourhood was great, everyone had pride. It’s very very sad what we see now."

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