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Dudley chip shop owner: 'I'm happy my customers are back - I hope a third vehicle doesn't hit us'

The queues formed along the street in eager anticipation as a popular chip shop reopened its doors again.

Kiki Minas and Sofi Hickinbottom celebrate the reopening of the shop

Sofi's Plaice on Castle Street in Dudley opened for the first time since a car had rammed into the walls of the shop in January, causing damage to exterior and interior walls and piping.

Windy and cold weather on Monday didn't stop people from across the town from descending to the shop, which had balloons flying in the windows and a warm and welcoming smile and wave from owner Sofi Hickinbottom as people passed by.

Sofi, who has been running the takeaway in Dudley for 35 years, said it was a relief and a joy to be able to open the shop again and welcome back all her customers.

She said: "I'm just really happy as this is my living and I love to be able to welcome back all my customers after so long.

"They've all come back to me and they've all be so supportive, passing by every day and asking me when we're going to reopen and saying that they can't wait to see the shop open again."