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YouTuber's mission to build £500 sauna in back garden ends up in flames and a call to the fire service

Can you build a sauna in your garden for £500?

Jay Swingler's sauna ended up steaming - but not in the way the YouTuber wanted. Screengrab: Jay Swingler YouTube

No, probably not, if the latest video from a Telford-based YouTube star is anything to go by.

Jay Swingler, originally from the Black Country, has a phenomenal 1.97m subscribers on the video platform, and he has now released a 12-minute take on his home improvement efforts – and the disastrous outcome.

Setting himself the task of creating a working sauna in the back garden of his Telford home, Swingler's efforts finish with a call to the fire brigade and the sight of his pride and joy going up in smoke.

The tale features footage of his mission to secure enough materials to build the sauna on budget, including a visit to B&Q.

But, as the experiment looks set to be a success, the footage shows the sauna and the garden being engulfed in plumes of smoke, while flames leap from the budget structure.

The efforts to tackle the blaze with a garden hose prove fruitless and they make the call to Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service for their help.

The video shows the arrival of the fire brigade and an officer using a hose to put out the blaze.

Concluding the experience Swingler tells his viewers: "We got a sauna for cheap and what I can say right now is the outcome of doing it the cheap way, it was not worth it and I do not advise anyone to do this.

"I will see you in the next video with something more safe."