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Crooked House: Campaigners speak of delight as owners told to rebuild wonky pub

Campaigners fighting for the Crooked House to be rebuilt have spoken of their delight at the news the owners of the wonky pub have been ordered to re-build it after it was destroyed last year.

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Paul Turner, Marco Longhi and campaigners celebrate saving and storing the bricks from the original Crooked House in September last year. They could be used to re-build the pub to its former glory after an enforcement notice was issued on the owners by South Staffordshire Council

But Paul Turner, the moderator of popular Facebook page Save the Crooked House (Let's Get it Rebuilt) said it was the start of what could be "a lengthy process" to restoring it to its former glory.

The enforcement notice served by South Staffordshire District Council gives the owners three years to comply with it.

Six people remain on bail on charges associated with the fire in August last year.

Mr Turner said: "The news today is undoubtedly positive and is a testament to a lot of hard work done by the authorities and the campaigners who have refused to stand for what happened to this historic building. To put it into perspective, the Carlton Tavern in London was re-built after a six year campaign – what happened to the Crooked House was six months ago.

"But there is quite a lot that could happen and it won't be rebuilt immediately, the owners have the right of appeal against the enforcement notice and also have three years to comply with it if it goes through.

"We will wait to see what happens – let's not forget there is also a court case pending but this a real boost to the campaign and vindication for the continued support of everyone involved."