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'Absolute carnage' – Four vehicles on Sedgley mum's drive destroyed in alleged hit-and-run crash involving stolen car

A Sedgley mum has said it is a "miracle'" there were no fatalities after a stolen car crashed into her driveway and destroyed four vehicles before the driver fled the scene.

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A BMW was pushed up against the wall

Kelly Broomhall, who lives on Northway with her son and partner, said her mother-in-law was on her doorstep just five minutes before a car came crashing into the driveway of her family home, wrecking four cars belonging to Kelly, her partner Wayne, her son and her mother-in-law Sharon, who lives next door.

West Midlands Police are investigating after the stolen car was abandoned and three people were seen to flee in another vehicle.

A BMW was pushed up against the wall

Sharon Martin was visiting Kelly after returning back from hospital at around 7.20pm on Friday. Just moments after the pair went inside, disaster struck.

A wall was severely damaged

Kelly, who works as a planning engineer, said she heard a "massive bang" and rushed to the door to discover what she said could only be described as "absolute carnage".

The 43-year-old said: "My mother-in-law and I were sat in the conservatory and Wayne was sitting in the front lounge near the window, which looks onto the driveway.

"We suddenly heard strange grinding noises and then a massive bang. The whole house shook, I thought a lorry was going to come through the window. The sound was so bizarre I can't even describe it. Sharon thought it was a gas explosion."