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The Crooked House: How campaign to rebuild wonky pub is reaching thousands of miles away

Word about the campaign to re-build the Crooked House is being spread far and wide thanks to the new-found artistic ability of one of the group's members.

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Megan with her artwork on one of the stones

Swindon mother Megan Wakeman, who is a member of Save the Crooked House (Let's Get it Re-Built) Facebook group, is producing rocks with drawings of the famous pub which was destroyed by fire almost six months ago, and they have reached as far as the Dominican Republic.

She makes the drawings with coloured pens to order for people who have taken them on holiday with them and left them in places where they are likely to be found.

On the back of the numbered rocks is a message with the address of the Facebook group on and the finders are encouraged to post a picture on there and then leave them somewhere else to spread the word.

The front of the stones and the pens used for the artwork
The back of the stones with details of the Facebook group on them
Megan with her artwork on one of the stones