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The Crooked House pub: Mystery of 'missing' antique grandfather clock as campaigners ask for help

Campaigners fighting to get The Crooked House rebuilt have raised questions about the whereabouts of their beloved demolished pub’s "missing" antique grandfather clock.

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The bar area, the clock was the only straight object in the pub

Those battling to see the historic building resurrected from the ashes say no remains of the clock were ever found in the debris and rubble left behind from the fire or demolition of Britain's wonkiest pub.

Some say the 19th century clock could have been taken out of the pub before the fire broke out.

It has raised questions about the possible whereabouts of the clock, which has been a steadfast part of the fabric of the building for many decades with many visitors taking photographs of it over the years.

Campaigners, in the slight hope that the clock is still intact, have now asked the public for help to look out for the clock at auctions and car boots.

The Crooked House ablaze. Photo: Chris Green

The historic pub in Himley burned down on August 5 and was totally demolished without permission two days later. To date, six people have been arrested in connection with the fire.

South Staffordshire Council is carrying out its own investigations.

Tens of thousands of people have backed a campaign to Save The Crooked House and to get it rebuilt.

Campaigners Ian Sandall, 49, of Sedgley, and Paul Turner, who runs the Facebook group and petition for the cause, today renewed their pleas in the hope of retrieving the clock. It was the only straight object in the pub's wonky bar area.

Ian said: "We would love to find the original clock and have it back in pride of place when the pub is rebuilt but the whole thing is a bit unknown.

The Grandfather clock at The Crooked House. Photo: Campaigners for Save The Crooked House

“No parts of the clock were found in the ashes so questions have been raised as to whether the clock is still out there somewhere - maybe at a car boot or an auction. Maybe someone took it from the site?

“We’d love to recover it, we have members trawling auctions and car boots just in case. It may be a long shot but one worth putting out there."

The former landlord reportedly said the clock was in its usual place when he handed over the keys on July 18

The grandfather clock in its position at The Crooked House before it was burned down and demolished. Photo: Facebook: Save The Crooked House

While investigations have been continuing, campaigners have been working hard to drive signatures up on a the petition to get the pub rebuilt, while also making Crooked House-themed calendars and Christmas cards to help towards the cause.

Paul said: "The investigation seems to be going really well - and we want to keep the issue in the forefront of everybody's minds."

Do you have any photographs of The Crooked House grandfather clock - or know more about its history? Get in touch at

Crooked House
The Crooked House after it was demolished
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