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Company explains plans for broadband project following Hagley residents' concerns

A telecommunications provider has provided a response to criticism about work being done on a residential street.

Brsk has responded to comments about proposed telegraph poles by residents on Western Road in Hagley

The response by Brsk comes after residents living on Western Road in Hagley spoke out over proposed plans to erect telegraph poles on their street.

The residents had registered their fears and concerns after a set of markings were seen on various points along the street, with one resident saying they had been told it was superfast broadband being provided by Brsk.

Among the criticism by the residents was the proposed implementation of telegraph poles, describing it as a 20th century implementation to a 21st century offering and said the poles would be unsightly and ruin the view on the street.

The residents had also claimed to have had no consultation about the proposed works, apart from a chat with a contractor on the street.

In response, Brsk's head of marketing, Caroline Graaff, said the company took community concerns seriously and said it had only just begun the process of planning the rollout of the fibre network in the area.

She also detailed what the first steps were and the initial communication process.