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Dudley school holds double ceremony in poignant unveiling of plaque dedicated to student

A school has unveiled a bench dedicated to a former student who died young, alongside its brand new outdoor learning facility, in a poignant double ceremony.

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Conner's parents sit on the bench as headteacher Ian Curnow and fellow family members stand around it

Sutton School, on Scotts Green Close, Dudley, held a double unveiling on its school grounds to memorialise 17-year-old former student, Conner Robinson, who sadly died earlier this year.

Teachers, staff and students at the school were joined by Sharon and Mark Robinson, the family of the late teenager, on Friday, to help cut the ribbon on a memorial plaque that was placed on a school bench in his name.

The bench was in memory of former pupil Conner Robinson

Staff and students stood silent as they remembered Conner's time at Sutton, which headteacher Ian Curnow says left nothing but "happy memories" at the school.

Mr Curnow said: "Today we were joined by the family of Conner Robinson. Conner, a former pupil at the school sadly passed away this summer, his time at Sutton saw him build strong friendships and left happy memories for many.

"The school is most grateful for the family's gift of a memorial bench, which will be used by pupils for years to come."

Conner will be remembered through the permanent commemorative plaque and bench in the school playground, which students will be able to use for years to come.

Outdoor learning facility

Staff and students at the school also helped cut the ribbon on a new outdoor learning complex funded by the community 'Friends of Sutton' group.

The outdoor learning facility was built with the help of the community group, which helped raise the thousands of pounds needed to build the facility.

Natalie Hughes from Friends of Sutton cuts the ribbon on the outdoor classroom

Mr Curnow continued: "Today demonstrates The Sutton School Community at its best. Our fantastic 'Friends of Sutton' group is celebrating the opening of our new outside classroom, which certainly marks a huge fundraising achievement. I am truly appreciative of all their hard work.

"The classroom helps bridge inside/outside learning and will benefit pupils for years to come."

The outdoor classroom which is constructed mostly of wood

The wooden facility was developed with the ecosystem in mind, also utilising a mostly wood construction to give it a truly outdoor feeling.

Classes will be held in the outside learning facility throughout the year, allowing students to actively learn while getting out of the confines of the classroom.