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Mum runs half marathon with prematurely born 'miracle' twins in pram for neonatal centre

A mother from the Black Country has run a half-marathon with her twin babies in their pram to raise money for Russells Hall neonatal centre.

Meredith Hemmings 31 and her 7 month old twins: Noah and Aurora Baudet.

Meredith Hemmings, 31, from West Bromwich, gave birth to twins Noah Baudet and Aurora Baudet, on March 28 this year, where the babies were born eight-weeks premature.

Noah was born at three pounds 15 ounces, and Aurora weighed three pounds 12 ounces, and the two babies spent six weeks in the neonatal centre at Russells Hall Hospital, where Meredith said that they received such fantastic care and support, she felt that she had to give something in return.

Meredith Hemmings 31 and her 7 month old twins: Noah and Aurora Baudet.

Meredith mapped out a route around Sandwell where she could run a half-marathon but also with her pram, which she says is made for running as it comes with a suspension that allows her to do so.

Sharing about this, Meredith said: "The babies were born at 32 weeks, they were so tiny, so small, I have their first-ever sleepsuits, and they're like doll's clothes, they can fit in the palm of my hand.

"They are two little miracle babies. I planned the route out but made sure it was not too far from home in case the babies acted up in the pram, but no, they loved it, even slept most through it.

"I made sure it was a mostly smooth route, so it would be comfortable for them.

Meredith Hemmings 31 and her 7 month old twins: Noah and Aurora Baudet.

"I wanted to raise the money for the ward and give something back for everything that they did for us.

"The staff were great. I don't think anyone appreciates just how hard it is for parents until you're in that situation with a premature baby. As it is your babies but you cannot do anything to help them.

"If there is anyone going through this right now, I would like to be able to give them the hope that it will get better, and to see how far your babies will come. It isn't an easy time, quite a dark period, but I was lucky that after recovering from my c-section, the ward allowed me to have a cubicle, and I lived there - they supported us so much, and we're so grateful."

Meredith ran the 13.1 mile half marathon, and only then after completing it, did she post it on her social media, because she felt that she wasn't sure if it would be done, and so she chose to wait until afterwards.

Meredith Hemmings 31 and her 7 month old twins: Noah and Aurora Baudet.

After posting on her Facebook and Instagram profiles, friends and family got in touch to donate to the cause, and so far she has raised £160, and she is hoping that figure will increase before she donates the money to the neonatal ward at Russells Hall Hospital later this month.

Sharing about herself and her partner, Jake Baudet, 28, she said: "I was aching so much afterwards, when my partner got back from work he asked how it was, and I was aching so much, but he was so supportive throughout it all. Even when the babies were in the neonatal centre, he was taking me backwards and forwards everyday, where I would stay at the hospital from 6am until 10pm."