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Dudley mother honoured to stand for election in memory of beloved son

The memory of a Dudley community leader, aspiring councillor and much-missed son will be honoured by his mother as she stands for election.

Lynette said Ben had been very community-focussed and dedicated to helping people

Lynette Corfield has been confirmed as the Conservative candidate for the Upper Gornal and Woodsetton Ward in the 2023 Local Elections for Dudley Council and will stand for election in May.

The 50-year-old will be standing in the place of her son Ben, who died in November in a car accident and who had been planning to run for the Upper Gornal and Woodsetton Ward election.

Ms Corfield said she had previously run in the council elections, just losing out in 2018, and said that it was an honour to be able to do it in the name of her son.

She said: "I'm standing this year in honour of my son, Ben, who had been selected to run for Upper Gornal and Woodsetton, and I'm running in his place.

"I've have stood in the elections in the past and I've got a passion for the local community and want to deliver the best for the local community, and my husband Damian is a local councillor and there have been generations who have been councillors, like Damian's grandfather.

"I didn't think I would ever be doing it under these circumstances, but I have always been community focussed and do a lot around here, so it seems ideal for me to stand up and do this is Ben's memory."

Damian Corfield said he was proud to see his wife standing for election

Ms Corfield said her son had been very vocal about his convictions of what he wanted to do as a councillor, with helping young people and clearing anti-social behaviour high up on the list.

She also spoke about the amount of support she and her husband had received since Ben's death and said it would be a good base to build her support off ahead of the elections.

"He wanted to do a lot, especially with anti-social behaviour, helping youngsters to get off the street and help with mental health issues," she said.

"I think there will be a lot of well-wishers as well, as he was very well known in the community and the amount of support we've had since his death has been amazing, and with all the community work and help he did for people, I would imagine we'll have a good support base.

"While doing this will not necessarily help me deal with his death, it will certainly help me to honour his memory."

Damian and Lynette Corfield both said the elections were another opportunity to honour their son's memory

Damian Corfield, who is councillor for Netherton, Woodside and St Andrews Ward, said he was really proud to see his wife standing in Ben's place and said his son had been excited about following in his footsteps.

He said: "Ben was really excited to follow me and generations before him to stand as a local councillor, especially in the ward he was born and bred in, which he thought was very important, and he wanted to deliver improvements.

"I think Ben will be looking down with a lot of pride at his mum fighting the seat for him as it was really important for him, having run previously and been chair of the Dudley Youth Council and Dudley's youth deputy member of Parliament.

"To have Lynette standing with me is great and Ben will always be with us and we'll always keep his memory alive and will be pushing on for him."