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Photos of fly-tippers shared on new You've Been Shamed website

Photos of fly-tippers are being shared on a new CCTV website dedicated to shaming rubbish-dumping crooks.

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One of the images shared on the You've Been Shamed website

Dudley Council’s You’ve Been Shamed CCTV wall was unveiled on Friday by bosses in the latest fight against fly-tippers.

The council has become the first in the West Midlands to share stills from its CCTV network online including the faces of offenders.

It aims to not only shame people into not dumping rubbish illegally, but also to encourage people to help prosecute those that do.

More than £1.7 million was recently invested in upgrading the camera network in the borough including ‘deployable’ cameras to target specific hotspots.

The stills from the cameras are available on a dedicated web page and are also being shared across social media.

Councillors Laura Taylor-Childs and Karen Shakespeare

Councillor Laura Taylor-Childs, cabinet member responsible for CCTV, said: "The new CCTV network means there really is nowhere to hide for these criminals. The You’ve Been Shamed wall will hopefully not only shame people into not dumping rubbish in the first place but also help us prosecute offenders through the courts.

"The detail in the images, as people can see, is phenomenal which will make it a lot easier to prosecute people."

Councillor Karen Shakespeare, cabinet member responsible for tackling fly-tipping, added: "The people who dump rubbish illegally not only causes a horrendous blight on our beautiful borough but also leaves hard working taxpayers out of pocket. Every year we spend thousands of pounds picking up rubbish that has been left by people who simply have no respect for anyone else.

"Through this CCTV initiative we have a real chance of stopping people doing this and if not, recouping some of that money through costs and fines in the courts."

The You’ve Been Shamed CCTV wall can be found at

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