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Rare Star Wars toys could fetch thousands at Dudley auction

A hoard of Star Wars toys left behind by a former collector could be about to sell for as much as £250,000 at auction.

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Auctioneer Chris Aston with Star Wars toys up for auction

Bidders will be hoping the force is with them when they grapple to get their hands on some seriously rare memorabilia going under the hammer in Dudley on Thursday.

Auctioneers were stunned when they discovered the value of toys accumulated by an elderly collector in Stourbridge, which were left to his neighbour following his death.

The hugely valuable toys had been left in bin bags at the man's home, and could easily have been mistaken for tat such were the way they had been stored.

Hundreds of enthusiasts, including some from America, have registered an interest in bidding at the auction. But those who want the rarest pieces will need deep pockets.

Two figures are thought to be among the rarest in the world and will be highly sought after - Jawa and a Star Destroyer Commander.

Chris Aston, from Astons Auctioneers, said it was the most excited he had ever been for a sale.

He said: "This auction is going to do double our previous record. It's the most expensive auction we've ever done - and it was all in bin bags.

"Jawa is up to £11,500 before the auction on pre-bids so that could make £25,000. The last one sold in the UK for £26,000. The Star Destroyer, there's only two or three in the world of that kind. It could make anything."

"All the Star Wars collectors are going mad about it on the forums. We've had people viewing for six or seven hours because there's so much stuff. People have driven down from Scotland and coming up from London, and people enquiring from America."

Up to 1,000 bidders could join the auction, which stars at 10am, and competition could be fierce.

It will be the final sale before the Dudley action house is taken over by new owners.

Mr Aston said: "It's going to go crazy. It is weird how it has fallen. It will be nice to go out with a bang and get the record to finish on."

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