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Remembering the time a cheeky fan asked the future King Charles out for a beer in Birmingham

He's the new King but also the king of clever responses to cheeky fans.

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The future King during the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

The re-emergence of a video featuring then-Prince Charles interacting with a man in Birmingham really showcases the King's human side.

During the Commonwealth Games in the city earlier this year, the future King Charles III was asked by a member of the public if he wanted to "go for a beer."

The incident happened in July before the opening ceremony while the future King was in the city, meeting fans and well-wishers.

In the 14-second clip, posted on Tiktok by Andrew Gould, you can see that from somewhere in the crowd, a Birmingham-native, reportedly called Daniel Walker, shouts: "Charles, do you want to go for a beer?"

"What?" the future king replies, as soon as he processes the question.

"Can we go for a beer?" the man repeats.

"Where?" Charles says, before pointing good-naturedly at the man.

The whole crowd bursts into laughter, at which point the future King Charles walks off. But not before turning back and appearing to say: "You'll have to recommend somewhere."

Despite very recent moments of apparent impatience, including getting angry with a pen after it appeared to leak, King Charles is known for being down-to-earth and funny.

His mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II, was also known for her wit and being able to put members of the public immediately at ease when they met her.

This happier moment during the Commonwealth Games goes some way to reminding us that while the King has a huge amount of responsibility, he is a person too, one that's just lost his mother.

King Charles III told aides “I can’t bear this bloody thing” after a pen he was using appeared to leak.

It's worth mentioning that King Charles clearly knows how to pour a good pint too.

Last year, Clarence House also released the below video of the then-future King hitting the pumps in a pub that's been run by the same landlord for decades.

He and his wife, the new Queen consort Camilla, seemed to enjoy the experience.

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