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Unlock Your Future Today: Discover Your Post-Exam Options Now

Are you wondering what you should do after your exams? Look no further! Our What Next? magazine offers an incredible guide that shines a light on the vast array of opportunities that are available for post-16 and post-18 students.

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Students now have the chance to find out about their post-exam options

Whether it's college, apprenticeships, vocational training, sixth form, or university, we provide the insights you need to make informed decisions about your future.

Now accessible directly from your phone or tablet, What Next? has been distributed to schools throughout the region, empowering students like you with essential information to kickstart a successful career.

Get a feel for your new school or college

From weighing the pros and cons of various academic routes to paving your own path in education, What Next? is your companion in navigating the crucial next steps of your learning journey.

Considering further education? Delve into A-Levels, BTECs, and more at current or new colleges and institutions where you can focus on the subjects you are good at and enjoy. If you are looking to pursue a particular career then further education could be the right path for you.

Or perhaps you're leaning towards a hands-on approach with vocational training or apprenticeships. Not only do apprenticeships and vocational training help close the skills gap in various industries, but they also offer hands-on experience and the opportunity to earn while learning. If you are keen to immerse yourself directly into the workforce, then now’s your chance.

For those dreaming of university, we demystify everything from course selection and campus life to the UCAS application process and student loans. And if distance learning or alternative higher education pathways spark your interest, we've got you covered too.

What Next? Your free expert guide - 2024 issue out now!

And for those undecided on immediate employment or higher education, a gap year might just be the respite you need to plan your next move. We help debunk the myth that it delays career progress, and in fact a well-spent gap year can significantly contribute to personal and professional growth, offering time for self-discovery, travel, volunteer work, or even short-term internships.

What Next? not only guides you through these choices but connects you to a wealth of local providers in the West Midlands, Staffordshire, Shropshire, and beyond. In partnership with South Staffordshire College our magazine is brimming with information on higher education courses and apprenticeship schemes just waiting to be explored.

Available for online reading, What Next? is your ticket to exploring the vast landscape of study and training options that are at your disposal. With a world of possibilities based on your unique skills, interests, and career aspirations, it's time to unlock your potential.

Don't wait any longer to shape your future. Click here to access the latest issue of What Next? and start exploring your post-exam possibilities today!

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