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Stafford Grammar Prep School Celebrates Remarkable Victory in ISA Young Writers Competition

Stafford Grammar Prep School is thrilled to announce the outstanding success of its

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Year 2 class in the prestigious ISA Young Writers Competition

Year 2 class in the prestigious ISA Young Writers Competition. The competition,

hosted by ISA Arts, invited Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Key Stage 1

(KS1) students to unleash their creativity and imagination by writing a short story on the theme of 'The Time Machine', with a word limit of 200 words. In March, the Year 2 students of Stafford Grammar Prep School eagerly embraced the challenge, collectively crafting a captivating narrative envisioning Stafford Prep

School a century into the future. Their collaborative effort resulted in a story brimming with creativity, innovation, and youthful imagination.

The school received the exhilarating news that its talented Year 2 class had emerged victorious among hundreds of schools across the UK. Their story stood out for its ingenuity and imaginative prowess, earning them well-deserved recognition.

"We are immensely proud of our creative, talented Year 2 class for this remarkable achievement," said Miss. M. Keenan Year 2 Teacher at Stafford Grammar Prep School. "Their success in the ISA Young Writers Competition highlights the power of collaboration, creativity, and teamwork."

As winners, each student will receive certificates in recognition of their achievement.

Furthermore, their story will be professionally illustrated and published in a book, showcasing their creativity for generations to come.

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