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Theo Clarke MP Engages with Stafford Grammar School Students, Advocates for Mental Health and Literacy Initiatives.

Stafford Grammar School was honoured to host a visit from Theo Clarke MP, during which she toured the schools Well-being Centre and engaged in a lively Q & A session with students.

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Theo Clarke MP

Ms. Clarkes visit provided an invaluable opportunity for students to engage directly with their local representative, sharing perspectives and concerns.

During the session, Ms Clarke demonstrated her deep commitment to mental health advocacy, discussing initiatives and opportunities for Stafford’s youth. She emphasised her ongoing collaboration with schools and local businesses to enhance mental health resources and support systems within the community.

Stafford Grammar School Students

In addition to her advocacy for mental health, Ms Clarke’s dedication to literacy was evident through her recent campaign, ‘Get Stafford Reading’. The Prep School received a generous donation of books from Harper Collins, a direct outcome of Ms Clarke’s efforts. The books have been enthusiastically received by students, enriching their learning experience and fostering a love for reading.

Stafford Grammar School Students

Ms Clarke’s passion for her work was particularly poignant when discussing her leadership of an inquiry focused on supporting women who have experienced birth traumas. Drawing from her own experience, Ms Clarke shared insights into the importance of this issue and her commitment to driving positive change.

Stafford Grammar School Students

The visit was met with enthusiasm by the students, who appreciated the opportunity to engage with Ms Clarke on important issues affecting their lives and community.

Headmaster Mr Pietrek expressed gratitude for Ms Clarke’s visit and looks forward to future collaborations, stating, “The pupils very well received the visit and I am very hopeful that Ms Clarke will join us again soon for other events and occasions at the school “. Stafford Grammar School extends its sincere thanks to Theo Clarke MP for her dedication to serving the community and for her inspiring engagement with the students.

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