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Walsall headteacher says reopening schools 'had to be done'

Headteachers in Walsall say they are 'delighted' at the Government's announcement that schools will return to full attendance in September.

Andrew Clewer, headteacher at Landywood Primary School, measuring out desks in a classroom

Andrew Clewer, headteacher at Landywood Primary School, in Great Wyrley, has praised the decision, saying 'it had to be done'.

On July 2, the Government published its safety plans for England's return to school in September, built on the principle of keeping classes or year groups apart in 'bubbles'.

Mr Clewer said: "We are really pleased. To hear that all the children will be back in school with an achievable strategy is exactly what we needed to see.

"They have got to come back at some point, or it will be a whole generation who will have so many major gaps in their primary education and it will impact on their secondary education.

"There is a slight risk at present in society, but to me, it had to be done."

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To help pupils catch up on the education they missed during lockdown, teachers at Landywood have come up with a 'recovery curriculum'.

Mr Clewer added: "To ensure all children get up to date with what they have missed we have identified the gaps and created a recovery curriculum.

"This will combine summer learning with the autumn curriculum up until Christmas as well as extra tutoring.

"In theory, by January they should be back on track with their learning."

Warren Honey, headteacher at Hydesville Tower School in Walsall, said: "I am delighted to hear the plans for reopening and what has been indicated by the Department of Education.

"The safety of our staff and children is first and foremost.

Hydesville Tower School's headteacher, Warren Honey

"As we have taught the full curriculum throughout it will be business as normal and we will have a busy few months ahead to make sure all the necessary plans that will come out in the next few weeks are in place."