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'I need to fight you': Martial arts fan shouted at man before battering him in gym and charity shop

A martial arts fanatic attacked a longstanding enemy in a gym, Asda and an Age UK charity shop before going on the run to London and finding God.

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Rahmani fly-kicked his victim in Age UK, Halesowen

Horrified staff at the Halesowen charity shop watched asylum seeker Mohammed Rahmani repeatedly try and fly-kick his victim Mohammad Ali whilst attempting martial arts moves on him.

During each attack Rahmani, aged 46, screamed and shouted "fight me now" as his bloodied victim begged bystanders for help.

The target of Rahmani's violence, a Mr Ali, eventually had to go to hospital for treatment whilst the attacker, who has a string of previous convictions, including for attacking the same man, went on the run to London.

Rahmani pleaded guilty to assault on the first day of a planned trial in April and was sentenced at Wolverhampton Crown Court yesterday with his church pastor offering support from the public gallery.

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