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'The pain is always there, but I am in control of my future' - brave victim of sexual abuser

A brave victim of predatory paedophile Mubarek Ali told of her pain and tears after her abuse at his hands - but vowed his evil manipulation will no longer "dictate" her life.

Mubarek Ali

The Telford grooming gang ringleader was already behind bars and has now been jailed for another 12 years - with an eight-year licence period - after admitting a string of offences against this victim including rape, sexual activity with a child and sex trafficking.

He befriended the victim, who is from Wolverhampton, when she was a girl before carrying out the abuse over a period of years.

He plied her with vodka and Red Bull, had sex with her in several locations in Telford and pimped her out to other men, taking her to restaurants where they would be "queuing up" to abuse her.

This sentence comes 12 years after Ali and his brother were jailed for raping and pimping out young girls for sex up and down the country - finally facing justice after the police's Operation Chalice.

The latest victim, who was personally commended for her courage by Shrewsbury Crown Court judge Peter Barrie after listening to proceedings alongside a family member, offered her words in an impact statement, which was read on her behalf by prosecutor Steven Perian KC.

She said: "I was born in Wolverhampton. My early memories are not good ones. I witnessed a lot of domestic violence.

"I was taken into foster care. I moved in with my grandmother and then with my mother.

"She [her mother] had fled an abusive relationship and we ended up in Telford.

"I met 'Max' [Mubarek Ali]. I had already experienced so much trauma.

"My life as a child, for as far back as I can remember, was unstable and abusive. It left me vulnerable as an adult. I can see how this played into his hands.

"It is hard for me to explain how one person [Ali] has affected my whole life - how one person had so much power over me.

"He saw a young, vulnerable child and groomed me into thinking he loved me, love that I so desperately craved."

She described how hard it was having to "relive" her abuse at Ali's hands every time she spoke to the police or had to go to court.

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