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Shocking CCTV footage shows moments before and after Bailey Atkinson's murder - as seven teens are found guilty

Police have released shocking CCTV footage of the moments before and after Bailey Atkinson's murder in Walsall.

Still images from the CCTV and Bailey Atkinson (top right), courtesy of West Midlands Police.

The footage was released to the media after seven teens were found guilty of killing Bailey on January 27, 2023.

It shows the victim out with a female friend at night. After a taxi dropped them off in Walsall town centre, they can be seen on CCTV walking past the market stalls when a car swerve towards them.

There were actually two cars in convoy, a Toyota Verso and a Seat Leon. Both had been stolen in previous days, and were full of people looking for him.

Bailey told his friend to “run” as he also ran along the High Street. This haunting moment can be seen in the footage too.

Bailey and a friend by the market stalls as one of the cars passes.

The nine occupants of both vehicles had met up on a supermarket car park shortly before they drove into the town centre looking for Bailey. It’s thought they sought him in retaliation for an alleged attack on a brother of one of their number by Bailey two months previously.

They cornered Bailey and by Lower Hall Lane and drove at him. This can be seen in the CCTV footage.