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Alleged murderer claims it was 'normal to pull on ski-mask' before having a dance

A man accused of murdering footballer Cody Fisher in a nightclub told a jury it was perfectly normal for him to pull up his ski-mask before going on the dance floor.

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Cody Fisher

Remy Gordon was giving evidence at Birmingham Crown Court where he, Kami Carpenter and Reegan Anderson are standing trial for the murder of the former Stourbridge FC footballer in Crane nightclub, Digbeth, on Boxing Day, 2022.

Gordon is the first defendant to give evidence on the stand and after being questioned by his own barrister last week was cross examined by Kami Carpenter's barrister Charles Sherrard KC on Monday.

He was shown CCTV footage of him talking to another male on the side of the dance floor and then of him pulling his ski-mask over his face.

Mr Sherrard asked Gordon: "Why did you pull your ski-mask up before walking onto the dance floor?"

Gordon, who the court has been told was believed to have targeted Cody after the footballer bumped into him at a club 48 hours before, replied: "I always do that, it is normal for me to wear a ski mask before I go onto a dance floor."

Gordon's version of events now is that Kami Carpenter stabbed Fisher to death on the dance floor.

Mr Sherrard asked: "Half an hour after the fight you said on WhatsApp you had seen Mr Fisher 'get knocked out cold' but did not who had done it, why are you now saying Mr Carpenter stabbed him?"

Gordon replied: "I did not know for sure, I had left the club, it is normal after a fight for people to talk about it. I did not know he had died at that stage."

Gordon also claimed he had no grudge against 23-year-old Cody at the time of the fatal fight on the dance floor.

He said: "Not at that point. By the time I saw him, I thought everything had been resolved. I had no beef."

Gordon also denied his message 'wished I'd shanked that geezer earlier' was accurate. He said: "I didn't mean it. I was just trying to talk tough with my friends. I was drunk and trying to act like the alpha male."

Gordon, of Cofton Park Drive, Birmingham; Carpenter, 23, and Reegan Anderson, 19, both of no fixed address, all deny murder and affray.

The trial continues.

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