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DNA traces of one man accused of stabbing Cody Fisher to death 'found on knife' used to kill him

DNA traces of one of the defendants accused of stabbing footballer Cody Fisher to death was found on a knife used to kill him, a court has heard.

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Cody Fisher was stabbed to death at the Crane nightclub in Digbeth.

Cody Fisher was stabbed at Digbeth's Crane venue on Boxing Day, 2022.

The jury in the murder trial at Birmingham Crown Court heard how Kami Carpenter's DNA was found on a knife.

However, Carpenter's barrister challenged expert witness Emma Hardley's evidence claiming it could have got there after a handshake with another man in the club.

She said: "Kami Carpenter's DNA was on the knife.

"The result is not something I would expect to have been through indirect transfer.

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